Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's A Numbers Game

With the current state of the economy it's definitely an understatement to say it's a buyer's market. Although there are leads to be found, depending on what your investment goals and strategies are, you may not be seeing the types of deals you're looking to close on.

If you had a team of Independent Contractors (or as they're called in the industry "bird dogs")looking for the types of deals you really want, that would save you a lot of time. Instead of sorting through a few deals to find out they don't really work, have a group of bird dogs sending you LOTS of deals according to your specifications! It's a numbers game in that the more deals you screen that fit your investment strategy, the more you'll close and the more money you'll make!

Finding bird dogs that are in the local area where you want to invest can be easy if you use the TeamWork Leads System. This team has created an automated system that uses free online classifieds and a web-based management center to recruit, train, launch and manage a massive NATIONWIDE network of bird dogs that brings them leads all day long, every single day.

To find out more check out the TeamWork Lead System FREE Video Demo to see how it works.

Wishing You Success!
Sondra Carpenter
Spruce Hill Properties, LLC
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